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To Be…

A holding hand,
A gentle kiss,
An embrace.
To be wanted,
the object of one’s affection.
To be seen,
The beauty within the flaws.
To be loved,
To be wanted, seen, loved,
Without boundaries.

By Sharlene G.

Waiting Game

I wait and wait
In a desperate state.
Stomach growling,
Face is frowning.
Friends are late
So I have to wait.
I wait and I wait.
In an impatient state
Anxiously I wait.
This always seems to be my fate,
Being the one that is left,
While everyone else is late.

By Sharlene G.
A dedication to my friends

Travel snapshots - Morocco, Dallas, Bolivia, Costa Rica, & DR


A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

I do really love traveling and I have been really fortunate to go to a lot of places.
There is so much more of the world to see and little by little I will get to.

So far starting from the most recent to the past..

Palm Springs, CA - Coachella
Dominican Republic
Dallas, TX
Chicago,IL- Lollapalooza
Costa Rica
Puerto Rico
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL

This November I’m off to a cruise with my cousins and friends in the West Caribbean - Belize, Cozumel, Roatan-Mahogany Bay Island, & Grand Cayman. Super excited can’t wait to be on a beach and going on some excursions in each place.

On the Road to 30 - September

So today is September 25th and it is 38 days until i turn 30. Crazy! 

A start of a new year and for a new year you need new goodies. Well I want new things, a plethora of things LOL.  Yea I’m turning 30 and I still make a wish list. I enjoy it! I have a little hope of getting gifted at least one item but it’s more a list for me and what I want to purchase.

So here is a start of my wish list..

Rhyder 33 colorblock satchel - Coach

Rag & Bone Tall Boots - Hunter

Silicone & Rose Goldtone Stainless Steel Chronograph - Michele Watch 

The Kensington Watch - Gunmetal/multi - Nixon 

The Kensington - All white/Gold - Nixon 

The Traveler Watch - Vince Camuto 

Cupid bag - Rebecca Minkoff 

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Dress

Hatchery Box

Long Sherling Jacket - Gant

Korto Momolu s/s15 NYFW

On the Road to 30 - August

Just a few style snaps from the past few weeks.






Announcement- My friends Julie & Ramona are opening an Eyelash studio called She Winks this Saturday August 2nd.
They are two amazing business women taking on a new venture. Please make an appointment and check them out.
She Winks Lash Studio
115 West 45th Street Suite 201
New York, NY 10036
All social media handles are She Winks

Charles James: Beyond Fashion

The Met - Costume Institute




2.characterized by or indicating intellectual 
inquiring: an alert and questioning mind.
This is something I constantly do. A friend recently told me “…I think you need to stop questioning what you want to do and think about what you know you should be doing.” 
Of course my mind goes straight to a question,  ”Do I know?”
Seems me turning 30 this year has me questioning every little bit of my life.
It’s clearly FREAKING me out!
Is worrying about the future living?
Where is my gumption?
My hiatus had me forget what motto I had this year, time to put it back in effect.
 I am a work in progress but I promise myself I will continue to work until I progress.