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  • Korto Momolu s/s15 NYFW

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  • On the Road to 30 - August

    Just a few style snaps from the past few weeks.

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  • Announcement- My friends Julie & Ramona are opening an Eyelash studio called She Winks this Saturday August 2nd.
    They are two amazing business women taking on a new venture. Please make an appointment and check them out.
    She Winks Lash Studio
    115 West 45th Street Suite 201
    New York, NY 10036
    All social media handles are She Winks

  • Charles James: Beyond Fashion

    The Met - Costume Institute

  • Questioning



    2.characterized by or indicating intellectual 
    inquiring: an alert and questioning mind.
    This is something I constantly do. A friend recently told me “…I think you need to stop questioning what you want to do and think about what you know you should be doing.” 
    Of course my mind goes straight to a question,  ”Do I know?”
    Seems me turning 30 this year has me questioning every little bit of my life.
    It’s clearly FREAKING me out!
    Is worrying about the future living?
    Where is my gumption?
    My hiatus had me forget what motto I had this year, time to put it back in effect.
     I am a work in progress but I promise myself I will continue to work until I progress.
  • The Road to 30 - May, June, & July

    I had a 3 month hiatus from the blog. No specific reason other than life. still in search of me, my wants, and inspirations. Which path to take & what to do to get there?

    I hope to post more soon.

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  • Check out my friend Rafael Dasilva’s mom Maria on read her story on battling cancer.

  • The Road to 30 - April

    This month was all about Coachella, I got to go with two of my closest friends. We had an AMAZING time! it was so much fun a lot of laughs, a lot of drinking, a lot of dancing, and a lot of walking. It was such a great experience that I want to go every year. I will need to go on a relaxing vacation after it because I came back to NY with no voice and sick but it was all worth it.

    Here are some snapshots from the weekend..

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    Out for my friends birthday and of course I had the only mission trying to find something to wear. My room was a disaster zone trying every pant, top, and shoes. I wasn’t comfortable in anything, felt bloated from pasta I had eaten earlier for lunch. So of course in my mind I felt fat in EVERYTHING! I see this jacket hanging in my closet that I bought a week ago at H&M and thought “it looks long enough to be worn as a dress”. Put it on with a slip under and some biker boots and TADA I have the perfect outfit. I struggled so much to have a great, comfortable, simple, and sexy outfit. I contemplated wearing heels but I kept imagining me walking the streets in the city looking like I was on my way to surprise a boyfriend in his apt. lol. Don’t ask it’s just the way my mind works lol.

    My sister did my makeup with her motives cosmetics sculpt palette. It is DEFINITELY a necessity for ever woman.

    Sometimes it is the simplest item that makes the most impression.

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  • The Road To 30 - March


    This literally explains how I feel. There is a giant question mark on my life, what am I going to do? where am I going to go? what is my next move? what do I want? 

    Some of my friends have begun or are starting to turn 30 and we are all like “WTF!”. Pressure, anxiety, expectation, truth, responsibility, stress and awareness all the things that currently run through my mind. It is a whirlwind of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

    You look back 10years and you have all these expectations for yourself when you turn 30 then you’re here at that age and wonder “where did I go wrong?”. Not necessarily that something did go wrong but you imagined this plan for yourself and see how far you strayed off it. Which turn led me to where I am today? I do not regret anything in my past, as the quote I tattooed on my foot says “Every obstacle is a stepping stone”. Every stone I’ve stepped is one that adds to my character and builds me to be better than I was in that instant. Every year we grow/evolve and every year their is another task/obstacle we must overcome.

    My last and most important of tasks is and will always be HAPPINESS.

    Every question will soon find its answer.

     I am a work in progress but I promise myself I will continue to work until I progress.

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